SME4SMARTCITIES improves the lives of citizens in Genoa

The Italian SME California Innovation Group collaborated in partnership with the SMEs Actisa from Spain and Magna BSP from Israel in order to present and develop the innovative smart city project BEAIR which tackles air pollution and urban safety issues for pedestrians in 4 different ways:

  1. A smart pedestrian crossing, equipped with a patented technology that activates flashing lights and street lighting when a pedestrian is crossing. Activated by sensors and powered by solar panels, this pedestrian crossing responds to safety problems for both pedestrians and motorists.
  2. An AQMesh air quality monitor that captures, analyzes, and reports gases and toxins in the air with remarkable precision. The monitor is designed in the UK and is considered the best in the industry.
  3. An intelligent camera equipped with AI software that captures real-time security problems with a highly sensitive ability to report air pollution problems in the area.
  4. An application designed to transmit information about air and traffic problems and alternative transport methods to fight congestion and to help create a more sustainable and well-being environment. This application, called IRMAPP was developed by the Spanish ACTISA.

The development of BEAIR was supported by FILSE, the Italian partner of SME4SMARTCITIES, along with the Municipality of GenoaJob Centre and financed by the European Union in the framework of the ENI CBC MED Programme. 

The smart pedestrian crossing is now installed in Via della Marina, a street in Genoa near the port, very close to Sant’Agostino subway station, sharing a wall with the historic district of the town. This street is busy but also focused on being a health hub featuring an indoor gym, outdoor workout facilities, a small restaurant, and a green park all connected to a parking facility and a busy highway right above.

This innovative solution brought to Genova integrates features that give priority to safety, innovation, and sustainability, to offer an intelligent and seamless environment to live, work, and enjoy life in Genoa!