SME4SMARTCITIES contributes to solving the urban heat island effect in Israel

As part of the participation of the Kfar Saba Municipality’s Sustainability and Innovation Division, in the SME4SMARTCITIES project designed to bridge small and medium-sized businesses and authorities in the Mediterranean basin, an Israeli enterprise won the prize for developing a solution to the urban heat island and reducing the effects of climate warming.

The countries participating in the project are Israel, Spain, and Italy. The startup won 40,000 euros in funding from the European Union.

The winning pilot is Urban Oasis of the company BIPV Israel.

BIPV Israel’s solution is to cool the city by adding shade in the form of a pergola with solar panels. The solar shed incorporates water mists that will cool the shaded space.

This solution was achieved in collaboration with the Italian company Sit Technology, which integrates Tesla pumps in the solar pergola.