SME4SMARTCITIES in Israel inaugurates the Urban Oasis cool solar pergola

Yesterday, 26/9/2023 Kfar Saba Municipality officially opened the Urban Oasis cool solar pergola after its successful pilot.

Urban Oasis was designed to help people find a cool refuge from direct sun and from the rising heat in the centers of cities, is finally placed on site. The first prototype was placed as a test site near an entrance to Kfar Saba Park, in between the Football stadium training grounds and an educational garden area for kids. Following dedicated mutual work, construction, and testing on-site by David Torgeman of BIPV Israel, Dr. Federico Reggio of SIT Technologies and Moti Mori, Kfar Saba Park Manager, and with the teams of the sustainability and innovation and the city architect divisions of the municipality

The launch event, with the participation of the city mayor, deputy mayor, city architect, and all engaged project members from the SME companies, Kfar Saba Municipality, and Tel Aviv University, was a culmination of the trilateral co-creation initiative. 

This prototype is just a first. Kfar Saba Municipality plans to continue placing cool solar Urban Oasis pergolas in open paved spaces that are not covered by trees and are hit by direct sunlight. Similar Urban Oasis pergolas can be placed in other cities as well, following this successful development and prototype testing. In the future, as you walk across hot city streets and encounter a cool solar pergola, remember that it all started in the SME4SMARTCITIES project and that the first one was here, in Kfar Saba.