SME4SMARTCITIES supported Kfar Saba positioning itself as one of the most innovative and sustainable cities in Israel

In recent years, the city of Kfar Saba has positioned itself as one of the most innovative and sustainable cities in Israel through a sustainability and innovation department established in the municipality, collaborations with all municipal units and with entities in Israel and abroad.

One of the most prominent projects led by the city is the SME4SMARTCITIES project – a project funded by the European Union, which aims to improve the knowledge, experience, and skills of the public sector, and at the same time bring about the development and implementation of innovative technological solutions – which respond to challenges and barriers in Mediterranean cities.

The project supports cities in the Mediterranean Basin, lead innovation by bridging gaps and challenges they face while adapting to the needs of smart cities and public procurement of innovative solutions.

The municipality of Kfar Saba is honored to bridge the gaps between small and medium businesses and the public sector, while emphasizing green and innovative solutions through its participation to this project.

Through the SME4SMARTCITIES project, they built training programs, focus groups and used accumulated knowledge to implement projects adapted to the city’s challenges through collaborations with external experts in the field and leading universities, such as Tel Aviv University.

“Last January, we participated in an international webinar as part of the project, with the aim of explaining to local stakeholders the needs of their cities, the main social, economic, and environmental characteristics,” explains the director of the sustainability and innovation department at the municipality, Tami Katzburg Nabzel. “This seminar, as well as other meetings we hold, make it possible to share knowledge, skills, and production capacity to bridge the gap between the needs of cities and smart solutions and examine how to promote this important issue. As cities continue to grow, so do the number of challenges they face. Public authorities and companies must work together to find the best solutions”.