SME4SMARTCITIES aims to protect historical buildings from Genoa, Italy

The implementation of InHeritage pilot project in Genoa has been carried out on more than one front. Alongside the drone survey testing on the historical building façade pursued by project leader Artys, during the month of December 2022, the other Genoese project partner PM_TENcarried out a two-week survey assessing the presence of Black Carbon in the air. The monitored area chosen for the detection test was Via Garibaldi which is an important street in the city centre of Genoa featuring the highest concentration of Rolli historical palaces.   

Atmospheric gases and fine dust coming into contact with the surfaces of heritage palaces lead to physical and chemical changes that cause the deterioration of costruction materials. In particular there are two kinds of  damages with which atmospheric pollution can impact the surfaces: erosion and blackening. The latter is mainly, but not exclusively, caused by the deposition of black carbon.

The next phase of project implementation will involve the installation of sensors provided by Artys. Keep on following the upcoming news about the innovative solutions co-created by the mediterranean SMEs thanks to the SME4SMARTCITIES project!