SME4SMARTCITIES in Italy : How to preserve buildings from pollution and climate change effects?

One of the SME4SMARTCITIES pilots aims at monitoring the Genoese historical buildings to preserve them from the effects of pollution and climate change. Wonder how to achieve such a result? Led by the know-how of the local SME, Artys, the cost-effective solution is based on the integration of several advanced technologies, thanks to the collaboration with another Genoese company PM_TEN s.r.l. together with the Spanish company HOPU.

The implementation of the project has already started in the last few months and is making good progress. Laser scans and drone surveys of the façade of Palazzo Tursi, one of the Palazzi dei Rolli and headquarters of Genoa City Council, were carried out on 23 December 2022. This kind of survey is necessary in order to complete the final output of the project: a platform that can measure the buildings’ exposure to atmospheric conditions. The  interactive map of the façades will be able to provide insights about materials, the type of degradation and the impact of various atmospheric factors, and a satellite map of air pollution variations.

More updates about the air quality monitoring technology tests coming up soon. Keep on following SME4SMARTCITIES news section to stay informed!