One of SME4SMARTCITIES´ solution showcased in Genoa, Italy

The Genovese companies Artys and PM_Ten, in collaboration with their Spanish partner Hopu, have launched an ambitious innovation project known as In-Heritage whose main objective is to monitor the conservation status of architectural heritage in a sustainable, non-invasive, and replicable manner. Co-financed by the European project SME4SMARTCITIES – ENI CBC Med Programme, with Filse as the Italian partner, the In-Heritage project and its most recent results were enthusiastically presented during the spring edition of Rolli Days 2023 at Palazzo Tursi. The focus was on the surveys conducted at Palazzo Reale and Palazzo Spinola di Pellicceria, which are part of a broader project overseen by the museum institutions that aims to create a management, conservation, and maintenance system for these structures, representing a fundamental step towards the long-term preservation of these important historical buildings.

“We are very pleased with the results of the SME4SMARTCITIES project,” says Maria Nives Riggio, Deputy Director of Filse, the regional financial institution. “In-Heritage is one of the successful collaborations that emerged from the international network of companies created by the project. Seven Ligurian companies, funded through international partnerships, have participated in co-creating innovative solutions for Genoa, Malaga, Murcia, and Tel Aviv. Artys is leading one of the two pilot solutions developed in Genoa, co-financed with a non-repayable grant of 30,000 euros. The success of this initiative has been driven by the link between the international level and local institutions, thanks to the collaboration between Filse and the Municipality of Genoa, an associated partner of SME4SMARTCITIES, which has identified the two priority challenges for our city.”