SME4SMARTCITIES in Spain launches a tender for travel and accommodation services


Centro Europeo de Empresa e Innovación (CEEIM) located in Murcia (Spain), Lead Beneficiary of the EU co-funded SME4SMARTCITIES project, invites interested parties to submit a proposal-offer in accordance with the specifications described in the bidding documentation available here.

The deadline for submitting the bids is: 17th of March 2022.

SME4SMARTCITIES project helps cities to be the front-runners of innovation, in particular through the use of public procurement of innovative solutions while on the other hand, the project supports Mediterranean SMEs to guarantee that their products and services meet the expectations and needs of smart cities. Services object of this bidding procedure will allow the delegation of CEEIM to participate in the entrepreneurial missions organized within the framework of the project.

Good luck to all the participants!